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 About this site

  OFP Base used to be one of the first websites from which I downloaded addons for the
  great game, Armed Assaults daddy: Operation Flashpoint! OFP Base was also my favourite
  website and really got me in to addon making so when it was shut down a few years ago
  I knew that I couldn't just let it disappear so I decided to also create a site called OFP Base.
  Unfortunately I couldn't recreate the look of the original site because I did not have any
  pictures of it so I created a new look based on what I could remember.

  Originally this site was aimed at containing all the addons, utilities and missions ever created
  for Operation Flashpoint but due to a big lack of time I didn't manage to finish the site or
  even update it. Later it became kind of like a personal site to display what I am working on,
  but I still had no time to update and repair the unfinished site so I left it.

  But today I realised that there are enough great sites out there like ArmedAssault.Info
  which contain nearly every addon ever created (great job guys!) so it would be wise to
  put my free time in to doing what I love, making addons!

  I eventually found enough time to recreate this site from scratch, fixing the old buggy code
  and I will now use it to display my own projects, trying to keep the site updated at least
  once every week. I hope that you like my site and enjoy my projects!

A special note for anyone who was a part of the original OFP Base website: 

  Thank you for putting you time and effort in to the site, without it I probably wouldn't
  be were I am now but thanks to you site I got interested in addon making and learned
  many new skills thanks to which I am now studying my addon making hobby at college and
  will soon continue studying it at university after which I hope to get a job as a video game
  developer! I hope that you appreciate me keeping the OFP Base name alive and enjoy my

  Your greatest fan - Martin! 


             Useful links

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            Click here to visit the official Bohemia Interactive forums (English)
            Click here to visit the fan site (Russian)
            Click here to visit the Armed Assault Ukrain fan site (Ukranian)
            Click here to visit the OTK-Studio fan site (Russian)
            Click here to visit the fan site (German)
            Click here to visit the Armaholic fan website (English)
            Click here to visit the OFPEC Editing Center website (English)
            Click here to visit the official BIS Wiki website (English)

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