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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you have any questions please
  read this page as we have listed some of the most asked questions and answers here for
  your disposal! You might get lucky and find what you have been looking here without having
  to e-mail us and waiting for a reply.

1. Does this site contain addons for Operation Flashpoint or Armed Assault?
      This website contains addons created only by me for the game: Armed Assault 2.

  2. How do I open a .Zip / .7z / .Rar file?
     You should be able to open .Zip files like any other folder if you are using Windows 2000
     or higher, if you are unable, download WinRar which is one of the best and most popular
     file compression programs which also opens .RAR and .7z files, it can be downloaded
     for FREE here:
3. How do I open a .PDF file?
     You need  program called Adobe Reader, it is FREE and can be downloaded from here:

  4. I have just downloaded an addon/mod, how so I use it?
Usually addons are placed in the addons folder which is usually found in this directory:
C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Addons
All addons also come with a file called "Read Me.Txt", make sure you read that file for
      installation instructions and other information!

  5. Does this site contain addons only created by you (Martin)?
      Yes, this website contains mostly addons created by me and news about what I am
      currently working on but sometimes news or addons from others might be posted here.

6. Is there any way that I can contact you?
     Yes, there is more then one, please see the contact page for details.  

7. I would like to create an addon, is there any good place to start?
      Of course, a good place to start is the official BIS Wiki and OFPEC Editing Centre. For
      more help or to meet other addon makers or release an addon that you have created
      register at the official BIS Forums.

8. I have created an addon or I would like to meet someone who makes addons
      An excellent place to release and addon or meet others who make addons is the
BIS Forum

  9. What does "BIS" stand for?
BIS stands for "Bohemia Interactive Studio" the developer of Operation Flashpoint and
     Armed Assault.

10. Who updates this site in the other languages?
      At the moment this site is only available in English. If you would like to help
contact me.

11. Can I use the news/links about your projects from this site on my site?
      Of course, I am happy if you do, but please have respect and do not change any
      information and remember to include the name of the author who created the addon.

12. Can I modify any of your addons or projects my self?
Unfortunately I do not allow anyone to modify my addons without my permission unless
      I have given permission in the "read me" file accompanying the addon. You are free to
      use my addons to learn but do not release them without asking me first. My contact
      details can be found here.

13. I would like to help, can I?
 Of course, if your good at languages especially Russian, Polish, Serbo-Croatian or
     Bulgarian and would like to give me a hand with translating please send me an email!
     Contact details can be found

14. What does "OFP" mean?
OFP stands for "Operation Flashpoint", the predecessor of Armed Assault.

             Useful links

            Click here to vsit ArmedAssault.Info (Multilanguage)

            Click here to visit the official ArmA II website (English)
            Click here to visit the official ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead website (English)
            Click here to visit the official Bohemia Interactive forums (English)
            Click here to visit the fan site (Russian)
            Click here to visit the Armed Assault Ukrain fan site (Ukranian)
            Click here to visit the OTK-Studio fan site (Russian)
            Click here to visit the fan site (German)
            Click here to visit the Armaholic fan website (English)
            Click here to visit the OFPEC Editing Center website (English)
            Click here to visit the official BIS Wiki website (English)

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