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 About me

  My name is Martin, I'm 18 years old, I'm a Christian and I was born in the beautiful industrial
  city of Plzeň in the Czech Republic, which is also the capital of the Western Bohemian region
  (Západočeský Kraj). I am half Polish (Goral), half Ukrainian, Czech and Yugoslav and maybe
  Austrian but I can't say that for sure. Click on the picture to see a larger version!

  The city of Plzeň where I was born is not only famous for the
  excellent beer that is produced there and said to be the best in
  the world, Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus but also for Škoda Steel
  Plzeň, which is a giant steel works factory famous for producing 
  some of the biggest metal parts in the world, such as the propellers
  for the Titanic, giant turbines for dams, parts of the London eye
  and also vehicles famous throughout the Eastern Block such as the
  14Tr trolley bus, train locomotives, trams (streetcars) which are
  still produced to this day!                                                           
A photo of Central Plzeň

  At the age of 7 me and my family moved to Toronto, Canada where we spend 4 and a half
  years. I attended around 8 schools there including a Ukrainian Orthodox school where I

   learned to speak English and also write in Cyrillic.

  Since I was little I have always had a passion for mechanical things so when living in Canada
  I collected old computer parts and by the age of 9 I could build a computer. Because the
  parts I collected were very old it means I remember things like MD-DOS, Windows 3.1 and
  Intel's 386 and 486 processors. Damn am I that old already?

Click on the picture to see a larger version!After leaving Canada we moved back to the Czech Republic where I attended my old school
and learned to write in Czech properly. 1 year later when the Czech Republic became a part  of the European Union and we moved to London, England where I live to this day. When we came London together with a giant wave of Polish migrants from whom I learned to speak Polish at school which got me very interested in Slavic culture and history because I realised just how similar we are, over time I also learned Russian from my girlfriend, I guess learning Cyrillic in Canada came in handy.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  One of the most important things hat happened to me in London is a simple trip to the shop
  with my parents where I bought the game called "Operation Flashpoint" from Bohemia
  Interactive. I im
mediately fell in love with it and when I realised I can also make my own
  addons it got me even more interested. I found out that I'm quite good at it which fuelled my
  desire to study IT (computers) in college to this day.

Currently I'm studying IT (information technology) in college as I have mentioned, developing
  my 3D modelling skills, learning about Slavic history and culture and also perfecting my
  Russian and learning Serbo-Crotian. My future plans and ambitions are to finish college and 
  then advance to University becoming a 3D artist/game developer or website designer,
  basically something creative and well paid.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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